Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22; My Birthday

Yeap, today is the anniversary of my introduction to the world, nineteen years ago.  I'm finally old enough to take advantage of the Canadian legal drinking age, which is something I will do a lot because I love drinking alcohol (except that's not true at all).

I'm a card-carrying member since early this morning.

Other than my birth, the 22nd is not the most historically significant day on the calendar, but it has its fair share of curiosities.  For example, on January 22nd:
  • The Act Zluky (English = "Unification Act") was signed in 1919, unifying the Ukraine People's Republic and the West Ukraine People's Republic into one Ukranian state.
In case you didn't figure it out, one of those things is not true.  In case you just don't get it and thought I made up the Anglo-Zulu War, look at this clip from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!:

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