Monday, January 31, 2011

Fleet Foxes album announcement

First Explosions In The Sky, now Fleet Foxes.  It's turning out to be a fantastic January as far as new record information for me.  To directly copy-paste Fleet Foxes' Facebook status from nine minutes ago:
NEW RECORD! "Helplessness Blues" is out May 3rd. PHEW. The title track is now up for download online too and we've announced a bunch of tour dates. Thanks for waiting people!
The title track seems promising, like this album will be a bit more edgy than the first and just as pretty.  Go have a listen to the song they posted and have a look at the CD art:

EDIT: I just uploaded a new video to YouTube about my friend Nate.  It's part of a series in which I basically make fun of him using footage we had shot but never used.  Go check it out.
What I'm Listening To: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

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