Friday, November 12, 2010

General Update/YouTube VOTW (November 12, 2010)

I know I haven't posted anything in a while.  I've been busy with classes and the newspaper (I'll post those articles on StuffToListenTo) and loafing and music-listening and racketball-playing and blog-not-updating, so I'll try to make up for a bit of lost time here.

So what have I been up to?  On the 28th of October, I saw Tosh.0 star Daniel Tosh perform stand-up at my school, and he was funny like you would expect.  He told some mean jokes that made people feel guilty for laughing, and others that made people puss guilt aside and lose it... so standard Tosh.
There is this girl on campus who looks just like dirty Meredith from The Office, and I finally got a picture of her.  I looked like a definite creep at the dining hall, but a photographer always gets his shot:
It's not a great picture, but you can still see the similarity.
I discovered, a great website for watching essentially whatever TV show or movie you want. I've read that it's not advisable to visit the site on a Windows, as it seems to be crawling with viruses and spyware and other goodies, but being on a Mac, I have yet to experience any problems.  I've watched an average of two episodes of Kenny vs. Spenny per day since I discovered tvshack, and I love it dearly.
It is a great idea to go on eBay, search for "shirt," then go to Men's Clothing/Shirts/T-Shirts and Tank Tops, then sort by Price Low To High (and optionally choose Buy It Now only), or just click here to do all that.  I managed to score this top rate Frosty shirt yesterday:
Only three bucks?  "Happy birthday!"
One more random thing before I get to the video(s) of the week, I was bored yesterday night and just decided to make the following psychedelic image.  Keep in mind that I honestly have never used or seriously considered using drugs and never will: they are a detriment to humankind.  That said, I do enjoy this picture:

The first two videos of the week (more than one to make up for lost time) are a couple of emerging internet memes, which you may have seen, but I've only seen recently, so here they are: "Best Cry Ever" and '"


The final video is more of a "personal childhood meme."  I used to have this on VHS and I would watch it at least once a week.  Presenting part 1 of "Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend"

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