Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Music News Round-Up

A lot of stuff had gone down in the music world the past week or so, let me recap:

Music industry anxiously waiting for next Tal Bachman hit
It's only been 11 years since "She's So High"; take your time, champ. (Seems like just yesterday that was a socially-acceptable haircut.)

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers' debut solo album preview

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the main purposes of a solo album to branch out and try things that you wouldn't have with your regular band? Brandon Flowers of The Killers put out an album recently (coming the 14th here in the states) that frankly sounds much like the synthy-rock his boys were putting out. Why he didn't just record these songs with his crew is beyond me, but regardless, SPIN had a full album preview of "Flamingo" about a week ago, you can check that out if you so wish.

Fan-made, multi-angle Radiohead concert available for viewing/download

In a 2009 show in Prague, about 50 fans equipped with Flip cameras positioned themselves at different spots in the arena and filmed the show; the resulting footage was then edited into the complete concert by four fan editors. If I had to describe the feel you get when watching the footage, it's halfway between a concert DVD and actually being there. Concert DVDs at times seem a bit overproduced, but being at the show doesn't always provide a great view, unless you're in a perfect spot. This production gives you multiple angles and great audio (the band gave the filmmakers top notch quality audio of the show to help in their production), while still retaining the experience of being at a rock show.

You can download the show here in a variety of formats, or watch the whole thing on YouTube. I was never a big fan of Radiohead, but I've started coming around recently; here's my favorite song from the set:

U2 fans did something similar to this during the band's Vertigo tour in 2005, but I can't find a clip of it; I'll update this post if I do.

Kings of Leon put out new song/video

My previously-written-about boys have a new album coming up ("Come Around Sundown," October 19 US release), and I'm getting tired of waiting. Luckily, KOL released the video for the album's lead single "Radioactive" today. I'm not quite sure how much I like the song yet, but I'll say that it sounds like a hybrid of their first two albums and their most recent two albums, probably swaying slightly more towards the latter, or maybe it's something new and I'm just trying to relate it to something preexisting, because that's what people do. Anywho, I enjoy it, but time will tell whether or not it's a grower. Have a listen for yourself:

Brooks & Done

Country legends Brooks & Dunn have decided to wrap up their 20 year career, ending it with a concert last Thursday. One less country artists I have to worry about, good riddance

Google to start online music store, become iTunes competitor

Not long after iTunes introduced a new version of iTunes, Google announced that they want in on online music sales. Many people have been looking to somebody to compete with iTunes, and Google seems to have a resources to do it. Google's gonna have something different to offer, otherwise they'd have no reason to try it out. I'm thinking they're gonna have either lower prices or some sort of innovative feature we can't even imagine, the kind of stuff you'd see on a tour of the Wonka factory.

Download entire MGMT Glastonbury 2010 performance

After a bit o' browsing, I found the entire show MGMT performed at this year's Glastonbury festival, and it is kickin'. It features riveting performances of songs off their debut album ("Electric Feel," "Time to Pretend"), new tracks from this year's album ("It's Working," "Congratulations") and "Destrokk," a cut from their 2005 Time To Pretend EP. So yep, download it here, and check out the album art I made for it, so it looks all pretty in your iTunes:

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