Monday, September 27, 2010

My Other Blog

Yep, I have two of these bad boys.
Unlike this guy.
This side-venture will probably be a minor affair, just posting reviews when a new album excites me (of if one bothers me), or linking to my work with the school newspaper... oh by the way, I write for the University of Maine school newspaper now, the "Maine Campus."  As far as I know right now, I will be doing CD reviews and write a music column, with the possibility for me to write about sports in the future, we'll see.
Obviously, this means that the frequency of posts on this blog will have to decrease, so expect updates less often, although I will still strive to update a few times a week.  So, I have a small introduction post on the other blog, so you can check that out while waiting for the beginning of my tenure with the new blog and with the school newspaper...
Oh yes, the other blog: check out  As you may have noticed, I'll have a little feed on the upper-right of this page that shows what's happening on that site (and the same thing on the other blog), so you'll know when I do something on either site.  OK, enjoy yourselves, gang.

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