Thursday, September 2, 2010

iTunes and Celtics get updates

If you haven't checked for an iTunes update in the past two days, then you're missing out on a few new features. Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced version 10 of iTunes. The software gets a bit of a facelift, including a new icon, chrome side buttons, repositioned "x - +" buttons, and a new way to sort your library.

icons: old vs. new

comparison of iTunes 9 (above) and 10 (yes... below)

new library display mode

The reason that iTunes 10 is a big deal, however, is a new feature Apple is implementing called Ping. In short, it's a music-concentrated Facebook, minus the annoying friends asking for bales of hay for their farms. There's much more to Ping than that, and GeekGloss has an excellent summary of the service if you wanna find out more... or you can always just update to iTunes 10 and have a peek around for yourself.

Before I move on to the next piece of news, I have an iTunes (for Mac) addon that you all should have: it's called DockArt. It'll transform your iTunes icon to look like this:

It takes the artwork of whatever song that's playing (in this case, "It's Working" by MGMT from their "Congratulations" album) and does pretty much what you see: tilts the artwork and makes it your icon with a little iTunes badge in the corner. It's a very customizable addon, and an easily-installed one if you follow the directions given at the download site. It works for songs, movies, TV shows, and podcasts, like Bill Simmons' The B.S. Report, which was a horrible attempt at a segue into sports.

Yesterday, the Boston Celtics signed free agent guard Delonte West. If you didn't just hop on the Beantown bandwagon in 2007 when the Celtics got Garnett and Ray Allen and were cool to like again, then you'll remember that Delonte started his career with Boston in 2004, but was traded in 2007 as part of the flurry of deals that landed the Celts another banner. He was a promising young guard, putting up 12.2 points and 4.4 assists a game during his Celtic peak season of 06-07. Delonte, aside from a case of the crazies, provides a decent shooting option off the bench, a nice backup point guard to Rajon Rondo, and will probably (and hopefully) move into a 6th or 7th man role.

"OK Rajon, you're gonna wanna go there, then do the fake-behind-the-back pass because they fall for it every time (I know I probably will), then kick it to Ray for the trey-bomb."

...and that's all I have to say about that. UMO (University of Maine, my school) plays Albany in football tonight, so I'm gonna get some grub and go see that, so enjoy your night.

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