Monday, September 6, 2010

Full-Length Standup Comedy? Yep, YouTube'll do.

YouTube is clearly a product of the "no-attention-span generation": it's millions upon millions of clips about everything from nostalgic video game intro videos to original sketch artists to sports highlights. You can go on YouTube and watch clips of Dane Cook talking about a glass of punch ruining the structural integrity of your home or hear the haunting falsetto of Jim Gaffigan when he sings "hooot pockeeeeeeet," but most people don't realize that you can watch entire shows of these standup artists.

For those of you who are attentive and patient enough to enjoy the 2.5 hours of mastery that is "Into the Wild" and other long-tenured activities, here are a few complete, 60+ minute comedy sets to whet your whistle. (Yes, that "Into the Wild" reference was a reach, but you should know, it's one of the best movies I've seen.)

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