Friday, August 6, 2010

YouTube Video of the Week (August 6, 2010)

I thought it'd be a nice feature of the blog if every Friday, I pick an interesting, funny, or otherwise entertaining YouTube video to showcase, with a brief rundown, analysis and commentary of what's going down.

So here is my first selection. The title is pretty indicative of the content, so have a look:

1. If anybody understood what he was yelling before he turned to run into the wall, please tell me, because I have no idea, and it could potentially be hilarious.

2. I like how his limbs are spread like a crime scene body outline, so no square inch of his body is deprived of colliding with the wall (well, except for his back side, but you know what I'm getting at).

3. This is clearly something he's done before, since he gets up relatively quickly after the impact (well, relative to how fast I would get up).


I'll probably take this weekend, along with most others, off from updating the blog, unless something interesting begs for me to write about it. So thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend.

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