Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 10 High School Sports Clips and Moments

On Wednesday, my little sister starts her first day of high school, but today, she has her first high school sporting event: her varsity soccer debut. She goes to a small school, so freshmen make varsity, but she's dang good and will do some work for sure. EDIT 08-17: She won her game 4-1. Yes, she scored four goals. I told you, she's top rate. So, to commemorate the occasion, here is a hastily-compiled top 10 list, of my favorite high school sports plays and stories that I could think of or find on YouTube.

10. High School Musical - Getcha Head In The Game

As a former high school basketball player, I can say that this is an accurate depiction of a typical practice: A theatrically-lit gymnasium, no coach to be found, and plenty of choreographed dribbling routines. If you like watching Disney Channel destroy sports, watch Zac Effron ruin golf in HSM2. He doesn't even have a caddy to help with the timing on his dramatic fist pumps... disgrace.

9. NBA players in their pre-millionaire, high school football days
Glen Davis: 6'9", 723 pounds. Good luck tackling that.

From what I gathered, a few basketball studs, like LeBron James, Allen Iverson, and Glen Davis, were about as good at football as they were at basketball, if not better. Click the names to see the goods (meaning highlights… come on you guys, grow up).

8. "Crazy Basketball Shot"

Most of you sports followers have probably already seen this and been held in captivity by it's awesomeness. If not, you can pretty much figure out what happens: out of desperation, a lucky kid makes a garbage shot that will never happen again. Lesson: videotape everything you ever do in case something superb goes down. I'm not sure if it's high school or not, so I'll assume that it is.

7. "Kid does rainbow during a high school soccer game"

Well, after the title, there's really nothing left for me to say… unless you don't know what a "rainbow" is (no, not the kind that strange older men cry over), then watch it.

6. "Sweet High School Hockey Goal"

Just trying to represent as many sports as I can. Nice shot, though, have a look-see.

5. NBAers who skipped college
Trailer to More Than A Game, a movie about LeBron's high school team. Note the irony when Lebron talks about team and loyalty being the most important thing.

Many players have decided to forgo college basketball in favor of a direct entry to the NBA (until that was illegalized in 2005), and some of those players have done very well for themselves, and have therefore had many a YouTube user assembling highlight reels of their school days, including Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudamire, Brandon Jennings (who played ball overseas for a year instead of going to school), and of course, LeBron James. A few players who should have gone the academic route: Korleone Young, Leon Smith, Ndudi Ebi, James Lang. Don't bother looking them up, you won't find anything worth reading.

4. "Amazing Bicycle Kick Goal Off Throw In"

An excellent shot that even professionals would find difficult. The thing that's hard about a bicycle kick is that you kick the ball with the same foot you jump off. Find yourself a ball, and have fun trying that.

3. "Sam McGuffie Hurdle"

This is one of those things that sounds sweet when reading the title, but is even sweeter when you actually see it, then bring it back and watch it again, then bring it back and watch it again, then bring it ba…

2. "Kelsey's Dunk! Ahahahaha"

If you've watched Jimmy Kimmel, MTV, Inside Edition, or other sources of "news" during the past month, there's a decent chance you've seen this a few times. The team has been labeled "the worst basketball team ever," and I label this the most "what-the-hell-did-you-think-was-going-to-happen? moment" ever.

1. The Story of Jason McElwain

The sports world was darn-near brought to tears in 2006 when the tale of "J-Mac" surfaced. In short, Jason is an autistic teenager with a great passion for basketball, so he was allowed to be his high school team's manager. The team got a big lead one game, Jason was put in, and the rest made for a great story. CBS, Sports Illustrated, NBC, and countless other news sources ran this miraculous story, but I think that ESPN did it best, so have a look above.

Did I miss a great story? I probably did, I put this list together in only about an hour, so let me know what I left out in the comments.

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