Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shaq Needs a New Nickname

Anybody who's watched ESPN in the past week (or read my first blog post) is very aware that former NBA MVP and now-arguably-washed-up Shaquille O'Neal signed a two-year deal with my team, the Boston Celtics. Clearly, the most important thing now is that he has an awesome nickname. He's previously been branded Shaq-Daddy (with the LA Lakers), The Shaqtus (Phoenix Suns) and The Big Witness Protection (Cleveland Cavs). Many solid Boston-themed nicknames have been thrown out there, including The Big Shamrock, The Big Leprechaun, and two of my favorites, Shrequille, and Shaqachusetts. Everybody seems to be leaning towards The Big Shamrock: he was labeled as such when Celtics.com announced the signing:

Personally, I don't care for it. So, I came up with a few nicknames of my own. Most of them are too outlandish and obscure to be used, but here they are anyway:

The Big Emerald
Musgrove (goalie from the movie "The Big Green")
Greenhouse Pass
John Coffey (prisoner from the book/movie "The Green Mile")
-(EDIT 08-11-2010 - Shaq is now considering "The Big Green Mile" as his nickname, as he announced in his welcome-to-Boston press conference.)
The Big Garden

Yep, that's Shaq.

If you have any originals that are better, let me know in the comments. (Also, I think the site looks better with this darker blue for the background, hope you like it).

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