Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NBA Rookie Photoshoot: Luke Harangody

Sometime within the past few days, the 2010 NBA rookie class got together with some dudes with cameras and took photos in a gym. Naturally, the Celtics' very own Luke Harangody was there. Harangody was a great pick for the Celtics, since Brian Scalabrine's departure left a big hole at both backup-backup-small-forward-but-starter-when-somebody-gets-hurt and big-awkward-white-guy.

The would-be best Live cover of all time.

While Harangody had an impressive summer league (27.8MPG, 16.6PPG, 6.8RPG over 5 games), his photo shoot was decidedly unimpressive.

Let's start with this gem. Here, we see Luke demonstrating a variety of in-game basketball poses, consisting of the textbook pale guy layup, the no-look sideways pass in the middle of the lane, and either a sideways one-handed rebound or the worst low-post entry pass possible.

Here's Luke replicating the legendary Scalabrine Break-Away Slam of '09, trying to fill in those rarely-used shoes bright and early. (In the shot closest to the hoop, it looks more like he's pulling up for a soccer throw-in.)

Trey Kerby, author of the article where I found these photos, made an interesting observation: Luke Harangody looks a lot like Paul Lieberstein, better known as Toby Flenderson from The Office. That is unbelievably accurate, but I'll take it one step further: he also looks a lot like Joe Bereta (from Barats and Bereta) and a bit like the guy from the Scooter Store commercial:

I'd label who is who, but I forgot. Luke's either upper-right or lower-left, I'm not sure.

Ugh... Luke, I really hope you're more skilled than you are photogenic... or at least better than Scal.

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